Production/Manufacturing Assembler

Job Summary

The Production Operator/Assembler will play a key role in C Technologies success. They are responsible for performing the manufacturing process required to make our products. The Operator/Assembler will be cross trained in all functions of production. They are responsible for all aspects of fabrication from receiving the raw materials from inventory, completing basic in-process inspection and documentation, accurately tracking their time and waste, identifying opportunities for continuous improvement and self-inspection prior to final QA Inspection. There are a variety of forms to be completed, documents to follow (e.g. daily production logs, work instructions, maintenance logs, epoxy instructions, work order traveler), and interface with computer programs. Operator/Assembler needs to have a commitment to quality, willingness to learn and the ability to work independently as well as in a team environment. The Operator/Assembler needs to be able to manage multiple tasks, deliver completed product in accordance with designated schedules, have the ability to remain engaged and be detail oriented.

  • Education: High School Diploma/GED (Required)
  • Work Experience:
    • Previous experience in hand assembly work (Preferred)
    • Previous experience working with small delicate parts (Preferred)
    • Ability to read and comprehend prints/drawings, work instructions, SOP, and work orders (Required)
    • Microscope experience (Preferred)
  • Competences:
    • Ability to clearly communicate verbally, in writing, and to listen (Required)
    • Willingness to learn (Required)
    • Ability to work independently or in a team environment (Required)
  1. Perform hand assembly of fiber optic cables and accessories
  2. Willingness and flexibility to cross-train throughout entire production department
  3. High attention to detail and self-motivation skills.
  4. Must be able to lift 25lbs., push and pull a maximum of 50lbs.
  5. Possess manual dexterity to put small parts or pieces together quickly and accurately.
  6. Strong organizational and mechanical skills.
  7. Ability to accurately read measurement tools and perform basic math calculations.
  8. Ability to read drawings, work instructions, standard operating procedures (SOP).
  9. Self-starting team player with a positive attitude and good communication.
  10. Responsible for accurate bar-coding labor time into work orders.
  11. Responsible for maintaining accurate “Floor Stock” Inventory.
  12. Ability to communicate via company email.
  13. Work effectively as a team member contributing to a positive workplace
  14. Finished work expected to be neat, orderly, and repeatable
  15. Continuously complete assigned tasks and meet production goals.
  16. Attend production meetings.
  17. Participate in cooperative training efforts.
  18. Work on team based continuous improvement projects.
  19. Should always ask questions when unsure.
  20. Timely reporting of non-conforming products.
  21. Daily reporting of production status
  22. Report on time.
  23. Must be diligent and accurate in filling out paper work
  24. Be organized and maintain cleanliness of his/her designated work area
  25. Monitors quality control in accordance with company policies
  26. Mindful of safety at all times
  27. Operate & maintain dicing/cutting machine.
  28. Operate & maintain lapping/polishing machines
  29. Polish and clean finished product
  30. Perform set up of raw material
  31. Perform routine maintenance on all production equipment
  32. Complete “Daily Production” log
  33. Report all non-conformities to production manager
  34. Responsible for accurate bar-coding labor time into work orders
  35. Responsible for filling out proper paper work regarding non-conformities and material usage
  36. Responsible for managing their own schedules and deliveries for multiple work orders
  37. Responsible for preparing epoxy
  38. Measure, cut, and count materials according to the specification
  39. Responsible for properly tracking materials with their corresponding work orders
  40. Inspect product with gages, calipers and microscopes