ConfiRM Slope Reference Materials (mRM™)


The ConfiRM line of Slope Reference Materials (mRM™) are the first ever certified reference standards developed specifically for variable pathlength devices. Stop relying on absorbance based CRM's or ill-suited concentration based standard such as BSA. ConfirRM standards provide NIST traceable, certified slope values that can be used to verify system health, system suitability, and performance.  Certified, stable, and tightly toleranced, these caffeine based standards are available in convenient 10 packs of single-use ampules with an 18-month shelf life. Are you interested in a slope standard matched to your product or method? Contact us for more information about custom ConfiRM mRMs.  CTECH will certify and sell custom ConfiRM standards with your target slope value (minimums apply).

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MRM01-P10 (10 Pack)
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